Expert Multimedia Freelancer

I'm expert in graphics (Adobe Suite), web development (PHP/Mysql/JS), in client/server applications and in video editing.

You will read in my history that I start my professional life when personal computers born. I began to produce them, to make prototypes and I has been recruited by the biggest computers distributors in the world and I finished as IT Manager in Europe (in France). After I learned, vocal servers (computer servers used in telephony) and I became a famous freelance in this area. I teach people in this technology and I launched a company in that area and in computers distribution. I did the same in Morocco. I'm often used to develop new technologies and to launch new profit centres.

Wiith the incoming of Internet, my activity became more turned to websites development and to graphics. In these areas, same the previous ones, I became quickly an expert in PHP/Mysql/JS and in all Adobe products.

In Belgium, I created with the country a webdesign/graphics company to employ and teach disable people. This company made many big success in book editing too. One famous book is an art book. From this time, I go on to work as freelancer in graphics, web development and in video editing.

I speak French and English.
My rates are not very high, but I live often in South Est Asia. Often I propose cheaper hourly rate.

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